If I could use the phone . . . . if I could get on the internet . . . . if I could write a letter . . . . would I be able to find my Daddy?  I’m not sure.  I’ve been searching for my sire for quite some time without much success.  I know who my father isn’t, but I don’t know who my father is.

   I’m an attractive Vizsla with a show championship.  I’ve even have been successful in field trials.  My owners are pleased with me.  (I can tell by all their baby talk and pats).  I  overheard them talking about finding a husband for me.  (Hmmmm . . . .  they never consulted with me, but I guess that’s a dog’s life.)  But . . . .  wow!  It was discovered after my DNA was submitted to AKC that my father wasn’t my father.  What could we do?  Well, we tried.  We got DNA submitted from other males at the place my Mom was sent to be bred.  No luck.  O.K.  Where do we go from here?  We tracked down a possibility . . . but the dog was dead.  So guess what??  A boot that the dog used when he was hunting was found with hairs on it.  It was shipped to AKC with the hope that the DNA lab would find follicles on some of the hairs and give us information.  The lab is now trying to build a genotype by using those hairs, my possible grandfather’s DNA, a bitch he was bred to and their kids.  We’re even considering digging up my possible grandmother’s body and getting DNA from the bones.  (If they let me dig her up, they won’t need shovels).  We’re hoping . . . . . but in the meantime, all my titles are on hold – and could even be denied if we can’t find my Daddy.

   What can I do?  I’m also a Vizsla.  I was bred while my DNA was being submitted to AKC and whelped a litter before the results were in.  Oh, my gosh! ……Grrrrr …..My Daddy isn’t my Daddy!  My owners, who were also my breeders, had to get in touch with everyone that had one of my brothers and sisters and get them DNA’d.  How embarrassing for me and my owners.  Especially when it was discovered that not one single puppy in the litter was from the dog that was supposed to be my Daddy.  Registration papers were lifted on all the pups from my litter and I was informed I was no longer registered.  Well, my owners finally found out the true father of my litter.  (He must have been lurking around the honeymoon suite.) But . . .  the stud fee was never recovered and my owners were never reimbursed for the $280 DNA tests (which was $40 per dog to get the information) plus all the Fed Ex charges.  Why is it some humans are so dishonest?  We dogs simply don’t understand that.

   Listen, I’m not growling at you guys.  But I’ve got a story, too.  I’m a Vizsla – but, heck, aren’t we on the first page of AKC’s DNA pamphlet?  I’m a Dual Champion with a pretty enviable record.  Folks want to send their pretty babes to me to be bred.  (Can’t say I mind that.)  Well, got one all the way from Canada.  Kinda thought she was cute.  Had one breeding (which was o.k. with me) and then her owner whisked her back to Canada.  My owner signed a litter registration that said we had produced 6 pups.  Two were sent to Hungary, some remain in Canada and one came to the U.S.  Well, after the one in the U.S. was DNA’d, I was embarrassed to discover I wasn’t the Daddy.  Where the heck did that chick go after she was through with me?  Unfortunately, the Canadian Kennel Club isn’t involved with DNA and wouldn’t assist in trying to get more information from the other pups.  The breeder in Canada is hiding in the shadows.  The pup in the U.S. was spayed and the owner of the ones sent to Hungary was informed of the mistake.  So, where does that leave me?  Aw, heck, just take me hunting.

   OK – now I want all of you to sit in front of me.  Sit.  Stay.  OK.  Nod your heads if you agree with what I’m going to ask you.  Would your life have been easier and less stressful if every dog registered with AKC had to be DNA’d?  Hmmm . . . . I see three heads bobbing up and down, eyes focused on me.  (No tail wagging yet).

   Do you want me to ask AKC if this is a real possibility?  Ah – now I see wagging tails.

Lynn Worth
AKC Delegate
Vizsla Club of America