Frank Thompson

I have reviewed five training tapes of some well known dog folks and for the benefit of would be buyers have made an outline of what is in each.  These outlines are not meant to be evaluative....only summative descriptions of what is in the tapes.  All five are very worthy tapes. Although I am now on my twelfth generation of Pointers which I started over a half century ago and probably was fooling with bird dogs before all or most of the folks* featured in the tapes I picked up new ideas in each.  Each has many new and old ideas with which I agree and also I can find some disagreement with each too. You can also find points not agreed upon between the tapes. You would do well to view all of them. I've always felt that a book was worthy of my time (& money) if I picked up one new idea from it;  I feel the same about video cassettes.  I've incorporated something from each in my dog activities. I urge clubs to buy them all and make them available to members; this would really help newcomers.  Because the Hickox tape is two volumes it follows that it is more comprehensive.
One not reviewed because of time is the Wehle tape.  If any of you have it I would appreciate your doing an outline of it similar to the ones here & allowing me to include it here.

 Whoa for Pointing Dogs with Jim Dobbs and Brian Mowry : from the Dobbs Training Center
 Training Setters and Continental Breeds with Sherry Ray Ebert : don't let the title mislead you...many good ideas for the lean breed folks
 Training Pointing Dogs with George Hickox : two cassettes
 Ferrel Miller on Common Sense Bird Dog Training
 Training Gun Dogs with Delmar Smith : years ago I use to give a copy of his book to newbies when they got a pup from me

Would be well worth cost in terms of fewer dogs ruined if you would give a copy of one of the tapes to newbies who purchase pups from you.  They are more likely to view a tape than read a book.  The same can be said of your significant other or children.  You probably won't get them to read a dog training book, but you might get their interest if you view a tape when they are present.

*Albeit my years experience exceeds theirs, they have been through more dogs in a year ot two than I have in my entire life.