Aluminum Mule Drawn Hunting Wagon for Sale

Fully equiped with dog boxes, water tank, cooler rack, gun boxes, retriever ramp on both sides, plenty of storage space. Wagon includes mule tongue and truck tongue.  Pictures available upon request. Asking $8,000.00.  Contact Ronnie Beane at 229-881-4265 days or 229-438-1901 nights or Geoff Beane at 229-347-4002

The most complete and dependable Johnny house plans available

Detailed plans and instructions:  $29.00 + S&h
picture step by step construction photos:  $10.00
Complete unit ready for birds:  $1,000.00 (Local pick up only)

complete materials list with prices
tips on how to care for and train your birds
list of specialty components and their manufacturers
holds 40-50 birds and keeps them healthy
low cost of construction ($350) build in a weekend
separate callback section
2-week feeder capacity 8 week water supply
Reliable callback
Minimal human contact with birds
Low maintenance
Portable with small trailer
Stable and requires no anchoring

FOR SALE:  Several hard-bound volumes of The American Field, six months' consecutive issues per volume,
various years in late 1800's.  Good to excellent condition.  Contact me for more info.  Barbara Teare or birddog@zebranet