2009 Winners  This is a spreadsheet produced by Randy Hopkins.   It shows the the major circuit all-age and shooting dog winners.  The Season in                               Review....2008-2009 in the Vol 272 No 33, August 23,2009 issue of The American Field is the source so although all are listed as 2009 in the spreadsheet some of them were actually run in 2008.

Both of two files below contain the same information but are in different formats.  Use the one that suits your purpose.  Both contain stake, year, number of entries, winners and runner-ups and their sires and dams. The letters "SD" are added to distinguish the shooting dog stakes from the all-age stakes.
        2009-2010 Winners of Major Stakes This is a pdf file for viewing and printing only (not manipulating data as in the below version).
        2009-2010 Winners of Major Stakes This is a
comma delimited text file. It may be read with any contemporary spreadsheet or database program. By making it available in this format you are enabled to open it & manipulate the data in any way you so desire. You can adjust the column widths to your satisfaction. It contains name of stake, year, number of entries, name of placed dogs, and sire and dam of placed dogs.  Both are based on data from The American Field Vol 274 No 35, September 4, 2010.