Luke Weaver for Field Trial Hall of Fame
Having worked in sales for a number of years I understand the value of marketing and advertising. Also I know that sometimes we don’t ever know the true value of many products because they don’t have huge advertising budgets. To me sometimes that is the case when looking at those worthy of the Field Trial Hall of Fame. Keep that in mind when considering Luke Weaver for the Field Trial Hall of Fame. You may not see high dollar ads, but let me assure you that Luke Weaver deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.    
Luke was an officer and mainstay in the Old Atlanta field trial club for many years. He also for many years was an officer in the Lee County field trial club which has for many years been a National Championship qualifier. Luke has hosted many field trials on his farm in Jackson Georgia for All-age,shooting dog, walking trials, across all breeds. Luke has judged trials all over the US including many championship trials such as:

All America Derby and All-Age in Canada
Dominion All-Age in Canada
Georgia Shooting Dog Championship
Georgia All-Age Championship
Continental Derby Championship
Continental All-Age Championship
South Carolina Shooting Dog Championship
Florida Championship
Cajun Championship
North Dakota Open All-Age
Oklahoma Championship
National Derby Championship
North Carolina Amateur
100’s of one course trials across all breeds.
For many years Luke has been a friend and patron to the George Moreland Family. Luke had dogs with the late Mr. George and Bubba for many years. Some of his most notable are:
2X CH Rowans Gunsmoke
CH Lady of Success
CH Pink Cadillac
CH Rednecked Woman
RU CH My Bud Lite
RU CH Bucknecked
Multiple winner , Pretty to Boot as well as Buzzsaw’s Honky Tonk
Luke has also ran many of his own Amateur dogs himself; His first win was Bazooka’s Fat Back a fine Brittney that he had lots of fun with. His dog with the most wins was a setter called Super Tinker Bell. His best puppy in his words was Georgia Joy Rebel which won third in the Dixie Puppy Classic. Luke once told me his favorite dog of all was CH Rednecked  Women which I have heard many stories about from Bubba. Bubba told me that “Rednecked Woman was special.
Most importantly Luke has promoted our great sport to new comers. Luke is always encouraging others to get into the sport and always has something good to say about your dog.
I know the late Mr. George would want to see Luke get his due by being elected to the Hall of Fame. I have had many a good time at Mr. Georges place hearing him and Luke take turns poking fun at each other always knowing that it was just an example of how much they loved each other. Win, loose or draw Luke was always in support of both Mr. George or Bubba as they handled his dogs.
We have already see those such as John Rex Gates endorse Luke as I am sure many others will also.
Please join me in supporting Luke Weaver for election to the Field Trial Hall of Fame. Not only does he surpass our “Yardstick”in every way, he is a man of great character that we can all be proud to support for the Hall of Fame.
Ted Dennard
Haddock Georgia

I cannot improve on Ted's comments above.  I do believe, that of the living nominees, none is more qualified than Luke.  He, indeed, meets all of the criteria .
also a multibreed and multi-registry person Setter, Brittanies, Pointers, FDSB champions, AKC champion
Frank Thompson
Milledgeville, GA