As of the end of the second quarter it does not appear that any new major developments
are occuring in terms of the '97 data previously reported.  House's Rain Cloud is gaining
in popularity and by the end of the year may rank a very distant second to Miller's Silver BulletMiller's Showcase is leading the way in number of puppy wins of his get.  Barshoe Curmudgeon may enter the top five in the production of shooting dog winners.  In shooting dogs sires circles Therapy appears to be having an impact in the derby category.  The period of time elapsed since the '98 update is too short to give additional comments on the indices.  It is the indices to which serious breeders should turn rather than the number of winners or the number of wins of offspring.  Please refer to the comments on them in the '98 update.

The American Field started publishing litter registrations, and by the '99 update some work should be available relating that to the individual registrations.

*Apologies are offered over the lack of earlier updates this year.   The writer's new house was totally destroyed
by fire in January approximately three weeks before it was to be occupied.   That led to putting all dog matters
on the back burner until very recently.  For that reason the data collection is complete only through June.  It
is hope that it will catch up with The Field before the end of the year so that the '99 update will be posted in a timely fashion.