In another location in the Hall of Fame directory I advocated considering only dogs that meet both the performance and production criteria for the HOF. Examination of recently deceased dogs revealed few meeting both of the yardsticks so defined.  The choice then became to either go farther back in time or to support one of the more contemporary animals that was truly great in only one of the two areas. I reluctantly chose the latter in light of the probability of perhaps wielding more influence because of readers' greater familiarity with them.  I still feel that the others mentioned should be in the Hall of Fame.   The numerical data below actually reflects numbers that are lower than the actual numbers that exist today.  I stop tracking dogs after so many years and any additional numerical data only makes the numbers even higher.

Champion Black Crude is my nominee for the Hall of Fame by virtue of his production record.  He is the top modern day producer in all three of the current indices which take into account the frequency of breeding as well as opposed to those that consider only the absolute win record of progeny.  His Prepotency Index which is the ratio of the shooting dog and all age wins of his progeny to the number of progeny registered is 1.37.  Just for comparison the second highest, a member of the the Hall of Fame, is 1.11.  His Winability which is the ratio of all horseback (puppy, derby, shooting dog, & all-age) wins per hundred registrations is 296.  Again, just for comparison, the second highest, also a member of the Hall-of-Fame, is 218.  When one considers the quality of wins of the offspring the Major Circuit Index is the statistic to consider. It is weighted by whether the placement is first, second , or third and by the number of dogs in the stake;  it includes only major major circuit wins. Black Crude's Major Circuit Index is 2643.  For the purpose of comparison the second highest, belonging to another member of the Hall of Fame is 2378.  Although I think his record as the top producer in modern times warrants his inclusion in the Hall of Fame, he did also win the toughest, in my opinion, one hour major circuit all-age championship in the country, the Florida Championship. He was also the Georgia All-Age Champion.

Frank Thompson