What do the animals rights nuts see and/or “hear” about at field trials?  It is really only very isolated incidents that attract attention and deserve rectifying.  Although they are isolated it is those isolated cases that they grab on and report as if they are standard practices.   It goes w/o saying that training should be done at home.   In these days, unlike the past, it is rare to actually observe brutality in corrections at trials, but we still need to be careful of who sees what.

The main area in providing targets the AR crowd is the tethering of dogs in bad weather...whether it be precipitation, too hot, or too cold.   Included in this is the overnight unattended tethering of dogs at trials.  Beyond exposing them the unexpected changes in the weather unattended tethering always presents situation where a dog may escape. This can lead to lost dogs or severe dog fights.  Even during the day when a brace is being run the sponsoring club might be wise to make sure at least one person remains in area where everyone parks.

As far as scheduling of trials big time hard to miss targets for the AR crowd are set up by clubs, particularly in the southeast, scheduling trials too early in the season.  I’ve even seen horses on the ground because of the heat. It is the combination of temperature and humidity that create the problems.
Higher temps, so long as dogs are provided both internal and external water, on the prairies is not the same thing... there water can help rectify
the situation.  Water is not as effective in the higher humidity of the trials in the southeast.  Because of the climate the reasonable trial season is about
five or six months. This is a more than adequate length of time... particularly in light of the fact that the there are big holes in the scheduling during this period when trials are not scheduled.  Instead of scheduling during those available times too many clubs schedule their trials far too early in the season, thus setting up prime targets for the AR crowd.