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A Little Advice
Getting Sparrow's Goat
The Imposter
Reflections on 2005-06 Season
  rather than fiction this is an essay on the past field trial season by Tom Word
Poem for Kaye Russell
How Many Ways (Poem)
Barney and Ralph
Reflections in Verse on the 06 Florida Championship
This doggerel was submitted to the Field with the 2006 Florida Championship report and
rejected by the editor as too much or too little.  It includes odes to Fred Rayl and Pride's Alibi, Freddie Epp, Ted Baker,  T. Jack Robinson,  Howard Brookes,
Dr. Tom Kennard,  John Milton, Robin Gates, David Johnson, Rowan's Gunsmoke and Bubba Moreland, and Bernie Matthys.
On Trading   Luke Weaver's philosopy on setting prices as told to Tom Word
The Apprentice
A Bad Day at Mossy Swamp
The Farrier's Tail
A Christmas Adventure
Then and Now
Out of Nowhere
Arthur and Sam Arthur Bean and Ch Drug's Class Delivery
The Last Minute Judge
The Rivals
Huckleberry Hank's Secret Hole
The Helper
The Fish House Truce
If You Choose to Go....  not fiction, but remarks on the sad reality of today vs yesterday regarding bird hunting
The Callback
The Sixties  a quiz
A Eerie Tail of the Prairie
The Abduction of Capstone

The Temporary Solution
Opening Day
Gentlemen, Let 'Em Go  chapter one of a novel
       chapter two
       chapter three
       chapter four
         chapter five
       chapter six
       chapter seven
       chapter eight
       chapter nine
       chapter ten
       chapter eleven
       chapter twelve
       chapter thirteen
       chapter fourteen  final chapter

Buck Smith's Option (part one)
   Part Two
  Part Three
  Part Four
  Part Five
  Part Six
  Part Seven
  Part Eight
  Part Nine
  Part Ten
  Part Eleven
  Part Twelve
  Part Thirteen
  Part Fourteen
  Part Fifteen
  Part Sixteen
  Part Seventeen
  Part Eighteen
  Part Nineteen
  Part Twenty
  Part Twenty One
  Part Twenty Two
  Part Twenty Three
  Part Twenty Four
  Part Twenty Five
  Part Twenty Six
  Part Twenty Seven final     chapter
The Five
The Night Hell Broke Loose in the Mountains
Penhooker Roundup
A Payday Loan
Tragedy to Opportunity
Reflections on Field Trials at 70
Things One Does Not
The Gumball Solution
The Auction
Making Sure
The Interlock or H-B-C
A Death at the Ames Plantation
Unintended Consequences