Herman  Hall
April 5, 1939 - July 19, 2007

    On Thursday morning July 19 Herman Hall's truck was rear-ended on Rt 49 as he drove home to Milledgeville, Ga  from getting some tomatoes from a friend.  He did not survive. He is survived by his wife, Jean, his four children-  Kim Martin (New York), Kay Tyson (Georgia), Kristi Hall (California) and Kirk Hall (California). He has five grandchildren.    Herman was a professional trainer for a couple of decades starting in the late sixties. He competed in trials throughout the Southeast and judged many trials (with his wife, in many cases) throughout the same region. She also assisted him in all aspects  of  his kennel operation as well as in running the dogs where she was his scout.  As soon as they were old enough, his children did the same.

Dr  L. G. Thompson (left) and Herman chatting at last Heart Of Georgia trial (late 90’s)

    His winningest dog was  Hayride Delivery Buck.   Buck’s shooting dog wins were well up in the double digits.   Easy Does It was his biggest challenge.  She didn’t win (nor even finish) as much as Buck, but it was never over until she had run.   He and Jean were given a black and white pup by the  Al Schorr of Alabama.   After starting her he and Jean turned her over to Ray Pearce  of Tom Cousin’s Nonami Plantation near Albany. Her name was Buckle Up Sis. Jean occasionally handled her in some amateur stakes, but  Ray led her to victory in the Southeastern Open Shooting Dog Championship.

Champion  Buckle Up Sis

    In the years since “retiring” from training he always maintain an interest in trials and usually attended  a few every year  including last season.

Frank Thompson