The Prairies....2005.....
by Collier Smith

 Tecumseh PFRA community pasture near Stoughton, Saskatchewan.

Part of gallery during Sullivan riding over the community pasture.

Border Judges Jeryl Bryan and Scott Kermichel

Dog wagon at Stoughton, the dog wagon follows the gallery through the pasture and you put the next on down where you picked up the last.

This is a church across the road from my camp.  When my grandparents came here in 1904 by covered wagon
from Stanley, Wisconsin. they along with the other settlers built this church on a hill.  It can be seen for miles in any direction.
When my father would give someone directions on how to find our camp he would say, " head
north out of Torquay and look for the church".

If you have a large monitor and look carefully up in the sky above Rick Furney
you will see little specks which appear to be a large flock of birds.
They are mosquitoes (a la Canadian prairie variety)