Buck Smith’s Option
Part Two
                     By Tom Word
Naomi continued to rim the edges, using the wind to advantage on every cast.  At 2:45, she had scored two more finds, both flawless, and she had plenty left for the finish.  She disappeared to the front at 2:55.  Buck rode ahead when the judges called time.  He searched in vain; then he heard the call of point from the left front.  It was not his scout’s voice, but it was a familiar voice.  When he reached it, there was Naomi on point.  So too was Kyle Frith, who had called point for her.
Buck couldn’t figure it—why had Kyle, who’d sent his scout out to run Naomi off, called point for her, and maybe cost Headstrong and himself a National Championship?
Buck flushed Naomi’s birds, all in order.  The Secretary told the gallery to come to the Manor House in an hour.
Headstrong and Naomi had six finds apiece, and similar races, strong and to the Amesian Standard.  The gallery riders were debating hotly which dog would be crowned National Champion.
Back at the Ames Manor House, the judges were locked in debate.  One wanted Headstrong, one Naomi, and the third and senior judge wanted a callback.  They kept it up for an hour.  And then the secretary appeared on the porch and announced the call back for 8 a.m. next morning.
To be continued in Part Three . . .