2013 National Championship

1 Marques Lucky Strike-Lefty Henry
Miller's Dialing In -Gary Lester

2 Thunderbird Jaxinabox -Travis Gelhaus
House's Ring Of Fire -Ike Todd

3 Miller's Happy Jack -Randy Anderson
Lester's Snowatch-Gary Lester

4 Erin's Kentucky Gambler -Luke Eisenhart
House's River Fever -Billy Wayne Morton

5 Shadow Oak Bo - Robin Gates
Rivererton's Funseek'n Scooter -Rich Robertson

6 White Dollar -Randy Anderson
Browntown Johnny Reb -Luke Eisenhart

7 L.J.Confidential- Steve Hurdle
Phillp's Time Line -Colvin Davis

8 Lester's Tom Cruise -Andy Daugherty
Touch's Adam County -Ike Todd

9 Whippoorwill Wild Speck -Larry Huffman
Youngstown Thrillseeker -Rich Robertson

10 Conner's E Z Button -Steve Hurdle
Clovis Point Chism -Rick Furney

11 Phillip's White Twist -Robin Gates
Stallion -Tommy Davis

12 Touch's Knight Rider -Ike Todd
Whippoorwill Blue Blood -Larry Huffman

13 Raelyn's Skyy -Andy Daugherty
In The Shadow -Robin Gates

14 Lester's Knockout -Tommy Liesfeld
Erin's Whiskey River-Sean Derrig

15 Highground Jax Jabba -Lori Steinshouer
White's Solid Reward -Lefty Henry

16 Prairieland Pride -Randy Anderson
Conecuh Station's Black Rock -Steve Hurdle

17 Quester -Ray Warren
Barshoe Osama Ben -Allen Vincent

18 House's Yellow Jacket -Steve Hurdle
Coldwater Warrior -Weldon Bennett

19 Lester's Storm -Lee Phillips
Caladen's Rail Hawk -Fred Corder

20 Whippoorwill Radiance -Larry Huffman